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Autism is a mysterious condition which causes children to withdraw into their own world.  These children do not talk, have a lack of facial expression, are super sensitive to lights and sounds, and often cannot care for themselves. When the child becomes overwhelmed by their environment, they often become uncontrollable and will scream and hit out. Scientists still do not know what causes autism; but some think that there is a link between routine child vaccines and autism.

Autism was first diagnosed by a psychiatrist in the 1930’s; about the same time that children started receiving vaccinations.   These early vaccination contained a type of mercury.  It is interesting to note that one of the first children diagnosed with autism was the son of a man who did scientific experiments using mercury.

The number of children worldwide diagnosed with autism has reached epidemic proportions.  Every year, the number of children with autism continues to rise.  The result is that health care workers and school systems are overburdened and having to invest millions every year towards serving autistic children.

The makers of vaccines defend their products; pointing out that most vaccines no longer contain mercury.  Research on the vaccines that still do contain mercury show that a child is capable of cleaning their bodies of the metal in as little as three days.

Opponents of vaccines are quick to point out that many autistic children were behaving normally until just a few days after they received vaccinations.  Vaccines may no longer contain mercury but they do still contain many other chemicals that are potentially poisonous in large amounts.  Today’s vaccines contain aluminum, animal viral antibodies, and formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is a chemical used in embalming, paint, and glue. Long term exposure to this chemical is believed to cause sensitivity to the environment, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and even death.

There is great danger in not having vaccines.  World health workers are worried that, without vaccines, there would be a rise in diseases which can cause handicaps and even death such as : polio, whopping cough, and measles.

With billions world wide being spent on serving children with this disability; it would be best for medical companies to invest money in  finding new ways to make safer vaccinations.


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