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The First Day of Schooling for your Child E-mail

The first day of schooling for your child is one of excitement mixed with anxiety.  Your child is excited to be going to the “big” children’s school.  They like their new clothing and school supplies. They are excited about the class room and the school activities. But, at the same time, children are also anxious and fearful. They are afraid of being away from mommy and daddy. They are afraid that they will fail. And they are afraid that they will get lost on the way home from school.


Parents are also anxious during their child’s first day of schooling. They want to know that their child will be safe. They want their child to fit in and make friends. They want their child to be successful in their lessons. And  perhaps, they will miss their child while the child is away at school.  It is understandable that parents  will be anxious.  It is also important to remember that children pick up on their parent’s emotional state. Children have a keen sense of knowing when something is wrong. Parents should make every effort to sound cheerful when talking about their child’s first day of schooling. Parents should encourage their child by promoting positive thoughts about the learning process. Parents should also give their child confidence by preparing their child through a child day care or a home day care center prior to entering formal education.


Prepare your child for the first day of schooling by making an appointment with the teacher prior to the start of school. In this way,  both parent and child can meet the teacher, see the classroom, and ask any questions they might have.  During this meeting, parents should make sure that they know how their child will travel to and from school (for example: Will the child be riding a bus? What is the bus number and what is the bus driver’s name.)  Ask the teacher what types of activities the children will be doing. Remember to sound excited about all the activities. In this way, your child will believe that schooling is something special and they will be excited also.


Make sure your child is prepared for the first day of schooling by having the proper clothing and school supplies. Get a list from the child’s teacher and then go shopping. Allow your child as much freedom as possible when picking out clothing and school supplies.


Help your child to feel confident by making sure that they know the way to and from the bus stop; and that they know their way around the school building.  Encourage your child to do well by constantly telling your child how much confidence  you have in him or her.  Always sound cheerful when talking about school.


The first day of schooling for your child does not have to be a traumatic experience. Remember to prepare your child through day care centers, a meeting with the teacher, and encouragement and excitement from you (the parent). With just a bit of effort, the first day of schooling can be an exciting and rewarding experience.


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