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Raising Confident Kids by Encouraging Talents and Interest E-mail

Every parent dreams of their child being a doctor, an inventor, or a ballet dancer. It is unfortunate that our children’s dreams barely ever are the same as their parents. One of the hardest parts of being a good parent is allowing our children to be true to their selves. Parents tend to encourage children to do the things they want them to do.  But, in order for a child to grow confident, parents must encourage their child’s talents and interests.

It has been proven that children with confidence are more successful in life. They do better in school,  hang with a better group of peers,  and do not drink or smoke, (as compared to children with a low self esteem).   Children with confidence go to college and earn more money as adults.  Therefore, it is very important that parents raise confident kids by encouraging talents and interest.

One way to do this is by providing small children with many group activities.  Start them early by enrolling them in day care or preschool, where they will be encouraged to paint and make music. Enable young children to pursue their interests by enrolling them in ballet, sports teams, and science clubs.

Give your child praise, even when their attempt fails.  No matter how bad their performance may be; always tell your child that they did great. If the child becomes discouraged because they feel that they failed; encourage them by saying that they should not give up  because they will get better with practice. By doing this, you are exhibiting your love for your child. Children who know they are loved grow up to be more confident and successful in life.

As your child grows older; allow your child to take part in school art and music classes.  They may also join school sports teams such as golf, football, and basketball.  Many colleges give scholarships to students who excel in school sports programs.

It is important that the family supports the child.  Parents should attend their child’s sports games.  During the game, parents should show enthusiasm for their child’s sports performance.  Never tell your child that they did bad if they fail to make a shot or fumble the ball.  If this happens, give the child encouragement by saying that it could happen to anyone, or that they will do better next time.

Some interests can be more expensive, such as music lessons or ballet classes. Most schools have music program that students can participate in. By joining music class, your child can learn an instrument and borrow one of the schools’ instruments (sparing the parent the expensive of a new guitar, cello, etc).

Dance classes are harder to find in school settings.  However, most schools do have cheer leader and gym classes that teach some dance steps.  If your child really wants to pursue dance, check around to find the cheapest classes.
Encourage kids that like to draw by hanging their paintings and drawings on your home wall.  Take your children on trips to museums and galleries so that they can see and enjoy great works of art.

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