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Are you one of those parents who dread bad weather days when your child can not get outside to play.  Do you fear the mess in the house from your child tracking in and out? Do you have a headache from your child jumping on the furniture? Fear no more, we are here to help with some of the easiest and best craft ideas for bad weather days.

Let your children help cook.  Make a pot of soup. Allow your child to put vegetables and seasoning in the pot.  Children can also stir the soup under supervision.   Another easy favorite is to make a cake or cookies.  Children love to mix up the ingredients, lick the spoon and bowl, and ice the cake.  Allow your child to help clean up after cooking.  You will be surprised at how much fun they will have washing the dishes.  In this way, you are teaching your child life skills while keeping them busy.

Make paper plate masks.    Use markers, paints and crayons to draw designs on the mask.  Use child scissors to cut out shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The children can then decorate their masks with felt, feathers, and foam.

Use foam cut outs.  Foam kits are available or your can cut out your own shapes.  Foam can be used to make door hangers, wall scenes, animals, and even doll houses. Foam crafts are simple--all you need to do is follow the step by step instructions included in the kit.

Paper bag puppets.  Use crayons, feathers, felt, and anything you want to decorate paper bags.  Children will love to decorate a bunch of these and then play with them.  Have your children create a puppet show with their decorated bags.  Encourage your children to use their imagination by making up their own stories for the puppet show (or their own variation of a popular fairy tale).

Bead Jewelry.  Beading relieves stress and teaches your child hand - eye coordination.  Beads come in many varieties: including wood, shells, and beautiful glass.  Your child will love making their own jewelry and then wearing them out for their friends to see.  Younger children can make necklaces by stringing yarn with macaroni.  Have your child count the beads they string to enforce math concepts.

Make a Book Allow your child to look through old magazines, books and newspapers.  Have them pick out pictures they like.  Give them construction paper, scissors and glue.  They can cut out their pictures and then glue them onto the construction paper.  Then, encourage your child to make up a story about their pictures.

Play Duck Duck Goose.  Enable your children to get out some nervous energy by playing a high energy game such as duck duck goose.  Have your children sit in a circle. One child walks on the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head as they pass. As the child taps the heads the child says, “duck”, “duck” and the “goose”.  The child that gets tapped on the word “goose” gets up and chases the other child around the circle until they can tap them.   The child doing the tapping then sits in the circle.  The new child then continues the game as before.


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